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We want to support new, sustainable and efficient aquaculture, through the development of innovative technologies and the best service and advice for our clients, developing projects to meet their needs and accompanying them in every step as they grow.


We offer consultations to various clients across various parts of Southern Africa.Whatever you would like to know with regards to fish farming and aquaponics we are here to help you with the best advice and guidance.We bridge the gap between theory and practice and proffer recommendations on the basis of our experiences and research from working with new and seasoned farmers.Just give us a call on our landline number i.e +263 4 706 844 or the following cell phone numbers +263 779 812 900 and +263 773 502 010 for more information and start your project as soon as possible.


Our trainings are presented in two formats namely Group Sessions and (Face to Face) 1 on 1 sessions.Group Sessions are usually held once or twice a month during weekends at different venues around Southern Africa.However with 1 on 1 sessions clients can come to our offices or we can pay them a visit ourselves.1 on 1 sessions can be held during the weekdays given that a client books a session in advance.

The trainings cover fish farming and aquaponics topics that include cost of establishing a project,return on investment,species available and the prefered species,the stocking density matrix,feed stipulations,water quality and pond conditions, harvesting and transportation as well as marketing.For upcoming Group Sessions at a venue near head over to out TRAININGS PAGE or otherwise just call us to set up a 1 on 1 session.


We also construct ponds namely growout ponds (20m x 30m x 1.5m and 15m x 20m x 1.3m),breeding ponds (10m x 10m x 1m) and nursery ponds (5m x 5m x 1m).We have constructed a variety of ponds in the past and we can take you to the various sites that we have set up ponds prior to us constructing yours.For quotations you can just reach us on our landline number i.e +263 4 706 844 or the following cell phone numbers +263 779 812 900 and +263 773 502 010


We also help with harvesting to reduce mortality or any other inconveniences.Feel free to press play and witness one of our recent harvesting expeditions.

Agrimarine Solutions plays an active role in aquaculture industry organisations and collaborates with academic institutions and local/global research projects.

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