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Whatever you would like to know with regards to Fish Farming and Aquaponics we are here to help you with the best advice and guidance….


The Trainings cover fish farming and Aquaponics topics that include cost of establishing a project,return on investment,species available….


We have constructed a variety of ponds in the past and we can take you to the various sites that we have set up ponds prior to us constructing yours….


We also help with harvesting to reduce mortality or any other inconveniences.Feel free to press play and witness one of our recent harvesting expeditions…

Agrimarine Solutions plays an active role in aquaculture industry organisations and collaborates with academic institutions and local/global research projects.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are known for quality and the ability to implement projects within the agreed-upon budget and timeframe.
  • Agrimarine Solutions has its own staff for onsite project implementation, unlike many of our competitors who outsource this service.
  • We are renowned in the aquaculture industry for being a reliable, serious company.
  • The equipment we use comes from proven, recognized brands, thus ensuring proper maintenance within our systems.
  • We have a long-standing track record in local trade and a deep knowledge of market conditions, allowing Agrimarine Solutions to implement projects all over the region.
  • We build close relationships with our customers, which leads to friendly, trust-worthy negotiations.

we are always ahead

generating innovation for land-based, sustainable aquaculture projects.

Think Aquaculture? Think Agrimarine Solutions

Need to get you project off the ground?.

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Projects We've Worked On

We have worked tirelessly with different stakeholders that range from Schools, Individuals, Community Groups as well as NGOs and provided them with suffient information in Aquaculture farming.

Our Blog Posts

Effects of Ammonia in Fish Ponds

Lately reports have been received from farmers from different areas in regard to fish death . Some die at 2 months, 3months up to 5 months which is so painful looking at the resources spent on feed, fingerlings, water bills,…


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